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Overton Ovation is a band of talented performers who come together to make many events come alive. They perform a variety set of songs including pop, contemporary rock, and so much more!

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Meet the band 

You seen the band, how about getting to know them a little more? Each individual has their commons in music but different inpersonalities. Take a look!

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Calender of events

Keep up with Overton Ovation by checking out upcoming events taking place throughout the year!

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Performances & Events

Wanna keep up with Ovation's work ethics? Watch many of the videos and and pictures of their performances. 

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About ovation

At Overton High School, the arts and music is very known to take place. We embrace this by relinquishing the arts into different forms such as drawing, playing an instrument, or even acting. Joel Valdez, the supervisor of Overton Ovation, and also the audio production teacher here at Overton, gathers students with abilities to perform live music at diversityevents. Joel has the motive of making his students prepared with the music industry and how it works. 


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